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A Trip to Disneyland

I hope everyone had an amazing holidays! My apologies for not posting as regularly as I have but I have been very busy and let me tell you why!

This Christmas, I received the best gift I have ever received; I was going to Disneyland. So from the 19th to the 23rd, I was in Disneyland with my girlfriend. As much as I would love to talk about all the rides and all the characters, there was something better. Let me tell you about the people we encountered and their kindness.

The first day we were there, we were waiting in line for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. My girlfriend and myself were next up after this young girl. Before boarding the roller coaster, the girl turned to my girlfriend and told her, “you’re really pretty”. It was such a simple compliment, from a stranger, that made both our days.

The next person I would like to tell you about is the bus driver, from the hotel to Disneyland. On the first day of our trip, we found out that it’s cheaper to buy a ticket in the hotel for a certain amount of days, rather than paying daily. On the last day of the trip, there was a few people who boarded who paid cash. The bus driver told ever patron who boarded the bus that it’s cheaper to pay in the hotel. For every kid that entered with those families, he let them ride for free. He was also nice enough to get out of his seat to help a person out with their stroller. The person didn’t need the help, but it was still a simple and nice act.

The last kind act we saw was my favourite. As we were sitting in that monstrous airport known as LAX, we witnessed a young man giving an elderly woman a coffee. I believe he bought his friend a coffee who declined, so he offered it to the woman standing by herself. He had sugar and cream all laid out in his tray for her. She accepted and after a little bit, she went over and talked to him. Again, another great gesture that gave a wonderful trip a nice ending.

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Secret Santa in Kmarts

In Omaha, Nebraska, six families have been touched by a Secret Santa in their local Kmart. The layaway department, in Kmart, got a very special visit from an anonymous young couple.

The couple wished to payoff a random layaway. The manager and an associate found an order with a few toys in it. The couple then paid off the bill leaving just one penny to keep the order active. Isn’t that awesome! Well, it gets even more awesome.

On Sunday, the following day, another young couple came in and wanted to pay off five orders at the same Kmart! One of the recipients of this kind act was Dona Bremser. “There is not a way to describe it and the person who did it, I just want to say thank you. You made this little one have the best Christmas possible,” said Bremser. For Dona Bremser, she wishes to pay it forward as well. In fact, Dona wishes to make this a family tradition!

As I was writing this story, I went to check the sources. I typed “kmart secret santa” into Google and I received a very pleasant surprise. Omaha’s Kmart is just one of many Kmarts that have been touched by a string of Secret Santas. The first Kmart to receive the random act of kindness was in Plainfield Township, Michigan.

It all began with one woman’s generosity in Plainfield Township’s Kmart. The woman, after buying a cart full of items for Toys for Tots, went into the Kmart and paid off three layaway bills. It was this one anonymous woman’s generosity that generated similar acts of kindness.

In just three days, 20 accounts had been paid for, totaling $3,500! But it doesn’t stop there! At the Hastings Kmart, a person, inspired by the stories on his or her local news channel, donated $5,000 to pay off layaway orders. The generosity, started by the one woman, has spread to many different states!

Many of the Secret Santas make one request. Their request is that they are not paying off layaways for things such as big screen TV’s. Instead, they request that they payoff layaways with items such as toys, clothing, and necessities.

It has touched people in numerous ways. “One was an older woman who learned her bill had been reduced to 40 cents. Her husband was laid off from his job the day before and the coming months were going to be a hardship” (mlive.com).

The acts of these anonymous Secret Santas is incredible and captures the true meaning of Christmas spirit.

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Gift a Stranger

With the holidays right around the corner, nothing beats the feeling of giving. Gift a Stranger is a site created by the people at Happiness Brussels. Happiness Brussels is a communication agency that has created a really fun website. Gift a Stranger makes it possible to spread your holiday joy worldwide.

First, you’ll have to find a gift that you would like to send somewhere in the world! Using google maps, Gift a Stranger searches for a full address (at random) and then provides it for you. If you’re not happy with that address for whatever reason, you can search again. Once you’ve found a place you would like to send your gift, print off the address and put it on your parcel! Yes, you will have to pay the postage but think of the joy you’re giving to a complete stranger!

Gift a Stranger also allows you to view what other people have sent around the world. It’s truly an amazing and fun site. When you’re out doing your Christmas shopping this year, perhaps pick up a little something extra and send that gift to a complete stranger!

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Miracle on 22nd Street

Sarah Klein and Tom Mason, from Red Glass Pictures, came together to make a seven-minute documentary short. The New York Times ran the story in 2010.

The couple in the film, Jim and Dylan, have been the recipients of hundreds of letters addressed to Santa Claus. For this New York couple, throwing the letters out was not an option. Jim and Dylan brought a whole new meaning to Christmas spirit and you’ll just have to watch the video to find out how!

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The Surrey Christmas Pyjama Drive

Started by Reese Shelly, a grade 2 student, at Rosemary Heights Elementary School, the Christmas Pyjama drive has been created to help other children, who are less fortunate. Reese’s goal is to get 1,000 pyjama’s for kids who do not have the privilege of sleeping in a cozy pair of pyjamas.

For most of us, a nice pair of pyjamas is always a cozy feeling. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to experience that. However, with the assistance of his fellow students, his teacher, and his mother, Reese is looking to change that, this Christmas. Let’s find out how we can help!

Purchase new PJs (newborn to 16 yrs) and then you can drop them off at:

  • Browns Socialhouse Restaurants (Sunday, Dec.4th, receive 50% off your food when you bring in PJ’s)
  • Rosemary Heights Elementary
  • Star of the Sea Elementary

For more on this story, watch the Global BC video! Or you can follow the Facebook page here. Spread the word, let’s make Reese’s dream and other’s dreams come true!

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How Christmas Should Be

Without spoiling too much of this John Lewis Christmas ad, I just want to say that it’s all about how Christmas should be. Many of us have lost the point of Christmas and this ad definitely refocuses that. This is what the Christmas spirit is all about!

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