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World Aids Day Bake for Awareness

Today, December 1st is known as World Aids Day. On the World AIDS Day website, HIV, Human Immunodeficiency Virus, “can be passed on through infected bodily fluids, most commonly via sex without a condom or by sharing infected needles, syringes or other injecting drug equipment”. Here are some facts about HIV.

  • Over 90% of people with HIV were infected through sexual contact
  • You can now get tested for HIV using a saliva sample
  • HIV is not passed on through spitting, biting or sharing utensils
  • Only 1% of babies born to HIV positive mothers have HIV
  • You can get the results of an HIV test in just 15-20 minutes
  • There is no vaccine and no cure for HIV

It’s a very real disease/virus that can be treated and contained. On the World AIDS website, there’s an opportunity to create awareness and proceeds for National AIDS Trust (NAT) in the UK. Bake sales are a great way to raise awareness and easy to do! NAT provides a fundraising pack and bake sale awareness poster! This is great for sporting events, school events, or whatever you can think of! It isn’t specific to just December 1st, awareness and fundraising can be done at any time in the year.

Once you’ve raised the proceeds, NAT provides you with an address to send the cheque off to! What a great way to create awareness and fundraise!

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Making a Morning Commute a Little More Enjoyable

It’s tough to find people who enjoy a morning commute to work or school. For myself, I don’t enjoy making an hour long drive to school in the mornings. Most people during the morning commutes are tired, stressed, and just not overly happy.

However, in Nigeria, there is one traffic Corporal who can bring a smile to most peoples faces. Corporal Sebul Audu has found a unique way to bring a smile to the faces of motorists. In Nigeria, police officers do not have a good reputation. Sadly, Nigerian police aren’t the only ones who are loved by all.

Inspired by the Michael Jackson video for Thriller, Corporal Sebul Audu has been dancing ever since. Now using the movement of traffic as his inspiration, Corporal Audu breakdances for passing motorists to fight the tainted reputation of the police. More importantly, Audu is having fun and motorists are too. This is just one example of how a person can bring a smile and joy to hundreds of motorists each day.


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Hurricane Irene Couldn’t Stop These Strangers

Hurricane Irene hit New York in late August. Surely, one would run inside and hide until the sun comes out. In fact, most people dislike when it rains. What’s really neat is that despite the Hurricane Irene hitting New York, it could not stop these strangers from impromptu activities. It brought a group of random strangers together for a game of soccer, hockey, and even some slip and slides! What’s even better is that everyone has a smile on their face. Not one person in this video is sad about the weather. These people took a dim situation and made it as much fun as possible!

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French Street Artist Changing the World

If you’ve never seen a TED talk, you’re missing out. TED talks promote the spread of technology, entertainment, and design. Essentially, TED was designed to spread ideas around the world. There is a prize awarded for exceptional ideas and talents. This prize is worth $100,000 and the granting of “One Wish to Change the World”.

JR, a French street artist, was recently awarded the TED prize without even knowing it. Starting off in the streets of Paris as a graffiti artist, JR quickly turned to photography. JR would bring art to “improbable places” by taking pictures of people and gluing large portraits to buildings and walls. Whether the purpose was political or artistic, JR has made some of the unlikeliest places beautiful.

One project that JR did is called Face2Face. This project is absolutely beautiful, brilliant, and conveys a strong political message. JR travelled to Israel/Palestine and took photos of Israelis and Palestinians and posted these large photos on the wall separating the two areas. The photos were taken of people doing the same job on either side of the wall. Using, often, comical caricatures of the people,  JR was able to show that the people are not all that different on either sides of the wall. In fact, when asked with whole was the Palestinian and the Israeli, many people were unable to answer that question!

Another project which is titled Women Are Heroes, JR travels to places such as Africa, Brazil, and India. He takes the stories of women who have been through unimaginable tragedies and turns the story into art that is displayed on buildings, favelas, trains, mountains, and more.

To learn more about JR’s newest project, check it out here at Inside Out Project. I encourage you to watch the full TED talk to understand how beautiful JR’s art really is.

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A Litre of Light

Isang Litrong Liwanag translates into “A Litre of Light”. In 2009, 3 million homes were without power in the Philippines. Thanks to the students at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), they have created a way to give light to homes.

The Solar Bottle Bulb uses simple and replaceable objects to create light in dark homes. Using a pop bottle, clean water, salt, and bleach, the underprivileged homes are given an eco-friendly solar light bulb.

To find out more about Isang Litrong Liwanag, click the link above!

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Stumbling upon $8,000

For Will Miles and Ryan McClory, stumbling upon £5,000 is a reality. These two 17-year-olds found a briefcase containing £5,000 in £50 notes, at a train station. The briefcase also contained passports and used plane tickets. Instead of heading to the mall and spending the money, these two teenagers went to the local police station to turn in the money. After discovering the police station was closed, they managed to find two officers on patrol.

The owner of the briefcase had withdrawn the money for his son’s university fees. In getting the money back, the owner expressed extreme gratitude to the genuine act of these two young men.


1,000 Acts of Kindness

What an exciting challenge! I hope to see this take part in communities everywhere!

1,000 Acts of Kindness has started in London and goes for the full month of October. What’s awesome is that this is the third annual challenge! The purpose of the challenge is to combat hatred by acts of generosity and kindness.

To this day, 100,000 acts of kindness have been performed! That’s just in London! Can you imagine if other communities got involved with this initiative? To make it work, participants register online and submit their stories. Hopefully this challenge can take place around the world!

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12-Year-Old Builds 27 Homes

Rachel Wheeler, from Florida, is just 12-years-old. After attending a meeting for charity work in Haiti, when she was 9, Rachel got up on a chair in front of everyone and promised to help Food for the Poor.

In grade 4, Rachel promised to build a dozen homes in Haiti. Rachel held bake sales, passed around a can at her school’s sporting events, and appealed to the parents of her community. Using Facebook and word-of-mouth, a cherry farm in Washington heard about her cause and donated its proceeds from one seasons harvest. In three years, Rachel had raised $250,000!

With that money, Rachel was able to build not just a dozen homes but 27 earthquake-proof homes that can house a family! What’s next for Rachel? She’s looking to rebuild a school. What this young girl has accomplished is more than many adults have accomplished in their whole life. Rachel is truly a remarkable young girl.

Learn more about Rachel’s story.

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Calling All Knitters

In New Zealand, there was an oil spill around October 11th. As we know, oil spills are dangerous for the environment as well as the species. In particular, there was hundreds of penguins effected by the oil spill. Skeinz called out for knitters to make little sweaters for the penguins!

The sweaters would prevent the penguins from cleaning their feathers and swallowing the oil which is toxic. Skeinz was bombarded with a massive outpouring of sweaters. How can anyone resist after seeing a penguin in a sweater?

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Life in a Day

Ridley Scott, famous for movies such as Alien, Gladiator, and Black Hawk Down, had teamed up with director Kevin Macdonald for an extraordinary film. These two had sent out a request to amateur filmmakers to record their lives on July 24th, 2010.

These two received 80,000 submissions from 192 different countries. From these submissions, Scott and Macdonald had taken the material and turned it into a 90 minute documentary. What is super cool about this film is that it’s nothing extraordinary with special effects. It’s just as it is named, Life in a Day.

Luckily for all of us, the film was made available through YouTube. Enjoy!

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Nine year-old painting prodigy

Kieron Williamson, from Holt, Norfork in England, is being compared with Monet. His skills with the brush are nothing short of remarkable. Kieron had taken the day off school to attend the sale of twelve paintings. Within just ten and a half minutes, Kieron sold his paintings for a total of £100,000!

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Nasa Image of India on the Eve of Diwali

For those of you who do not know, Diwali is one of the biggest celebrations/festivals/holidays for many people across the globe. Typically a Hindu holiday, it is also embraced by Asian countries, Caribbean countries, and many others. The holiday is a celebration of good over evil. There is a sharing of sweets and snacks with family and friends. It is also known as a festival of lights.

Learn more about Diwali

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