Fabrice Muamba Receives Honorary Doctorate on Behalf of Those Who Saved His Life

On March 17, 2012, Bolton Wanderers played the Tottenham Hotspur in the FA Cup quarter-finals. In the 43rd minute of the match, Fabrice Muamba, 23, collapsed on the pitch. The central midfielder had gone into cardiac arrest. Players frantically called for the paramedics and fans watched in silence. Five fully trained medical assistants and a St. John ambulance unit rushed to perform CPR on Muamba. Muamba’s heart had stopped for 78 minutes was in the hands of medical professionals and one fan, Dr. Deaner, who is a cardiologist,  rushed onto the pitch.

It was a scary and tragic moment around the soccer world. However, a joint effort from the medical staff on the pitch, Dr. Deaner, paramedics, and doctors, Muamba’s heart began beating again. The medical staff at London Chest Hospital and the medical staff at the match had saved Fabrice Muamba’s life. Muamba’s recovery was nothing short of remarkable as he was able to recognize his fiancee, son, and declared that he was “fine”. Two weeks after his collapse, Muamba posted a picture on Twitter of him smiling to show his fans that he was okay.

On May 02, 2012, Muamba returned to Reebok Stadium to watch his team take on the Tottenham Hotspur once again. Muamba was greeted by the staff and fans in an emotional return to the pitch since March 17. Chants of “Fabrice Muamba” echoed throughout stadium in a show of appreciation and love.

The University of Bolton is awarding Fabrice Muamba an honorary doctorate degree. Muamba’s recovery is an incredible accomplishment that was achieved through an amazing effort from the medical staff at the pitch to the doctors and nurses at London Chest Hospital. Muamba is a recipient of this degree as a way of honouring all those involved in his revival and recovery. The emergency treatment Muamba received saved his life and is an amazing accomplishment by all those involved.

Hopefully we can see Muamba lace up those boots for the 2012/2013 season of the English Premier League. Follow Muamba on Twitter!

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