Justin Blackmon and His Inspirational Friendship

Justin Blackmon, of the Oklahoma State University Cowboys, had an incredible performance in the Fiesta Bowl game on January 2nd. Blackmon was named MVP for the 2012 Fiesta Bowl after an overtime win. Blackmon had eight catches which totaled 186 yards and three touchdowns.

There is more to the wide receiver than just his on field performance. Justin Blackmon has an incredible friend who gives him strength. Olivia Hamilton, 9, is dealing with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Olivia is nearing the end of her 108 week treatment process. Nevertheless, it’s a horrible thing for any child to go through.

In a Coaches vs. Cancer at Oklahoma State, Olivia met Justin Blackmon. At first Olivia was shy and Blackmon was unable to receive a high five. A few months later, Blackmon tracked down Olivia and went to visit her hospital where he received a huge hug from Olivia. It doesn’t stop there, Blackmon would go and see Olivia in the hospital a few more times. From there, an amazing friendship was born.

When Olivia, for the first time, went to watch Blackmon play against Tulsa, she left two things for Blackmon in his locker. Olivia had made a sign for Blackmon as well as given him a pink silicon bracelet which read “Liv’s laugh beats ALL”. From that game on, Blackmon has worn the bracelet. Blackmon says that every time he sees the bracelet, he’s inspired. Olivia always cheers on her favourite player and watches to see her bracelet, as he celebrates every touchdown.

The friendship these two have is nothing short of beautiful and incredible. Both draw on the strength and inspiration of one another. Justin and Olivia send text messages back and forth, especially before games. Their story has attracted media attention, especially from ESPN. Watch the video below to hear their story, be sure to have a tissue box with you.

Wherever Blackmon goes in the NFL, the team has received an amazing athlete and an incredible person. I’m sure that wherever Justin goes, he will be bringing Olivia out to watch him play.

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