Defeating Hunger One Meal At A Time

Another initiative of the United Nations World Food Programme, WeFeeback is a neat way to look at how people spend their money and how it can help others.

Hunger is a serious issue that effects the lives of billions. Just think, every day we are bombarded with eating nutritious foods. There is a huge push to get high schools to only sell healthy snacks. Imagine in places like Africa and Brazil where kids don’t have the privilege to eat that healthy snack, nevertheless eat a proper meal. It’s very heartbreaking to see.

Have you ever been in a position where you could go home and make yourself a meal but instead you decide to buy something out of convenience and hunger sake? WeFeedback is a really neat program that shows you how far that purchase could have gone.

How does it work? Well, you go to the site, enter in a food item (perhaps your most recent meal), and what you paid. The calculator then tells you how many children you can feed based off of what you spent. For example, if I went out for a 17 dollar meal, I would have fed 68 children! That’s a lot of people.

Instead of just ridiculing you for what you spent on that meal, WeFeedback provides you with the opportunity to donate that money to help feed the children. The site also provides you with the opportunity to control how many meals you purchase. As a person who purchases my coffee, I can figure out how many children can be fed over the span of a week with this calculator!

Please, visit the website, calculate something for fun. The next time you contemplate buying yourself a snack, meal, or coffee, think about how that money could help someone who doesn’t have that option. If you were going to spend the money, why not make it go a little further. You have the ability to feed many children with this amazing site.

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