A Little More Good

I was fortunate enough, to get the opportunity, to meet the founder of A Little More Good, Katie Jeanes. Let me just say, Katie is the most down to earth person you may ever come across. Her positive and real attitude is definitely reflected in A Little More Good and I’d love to tell you how!

Starting in 2010, Katie set out with an idea for social change through her company, A Little More Good. This isn’t your typical site on social change though. To put it simply, A Little More Good is all about promoting the good. When I first saw this site, I thought it was all about extreme social activism. Boy, was I wrong! Instead, it’s a more realistic and feasible approach to doing positive things.

As Katie told me, it’s not about doing the extreme, it’s about the little things. Sometimes doing the right thing is as simple as recycling that can, shopping with a re-usable bag, or holding a door open for someone. A Little More Good provides people with a way to achieve that ideal “good” by profiling “good ideas, good causes, and good companies in Vancouver”. I’m going to be honest, I care about the environment but I still throw things in the garbage that I shouldn’t. However, A Little More Good doesn’t condemn those people. Instead, A Little More Good realizes that people are not perfect and makes doing the right thing a positive and fun experience.

How does A Little More Good possibly achieve all this? I’m glad you asked! A Little More Good makes it possible through hosting events in the community. The events are hosted once a month for a fundraiser for the charity of the month! Through these events, Katie hopes to promote change by bringing people together and having fun making a difference. You don’t have to be a hardcore social activist, as long as you care about promoting change, that’s all that matters. As Katie was telling me about the next event, she was super excited and I was just as excited! These aren’t your typical types of events, these are a lot more fun!

Let’s find out how we can get involved with A Little More Good. Signing up for the monthly newsletter is a good start! The newsletter is free and comes with “More Good in the Hood”. This e-book provides people with 100 ways to do a little more good in the community. Remember those events I was telling you about? The events, also, are a way to check off one of the acts in “More Good in the Hood”. For example, #73 dance!

To become even more involved, A Little More Good has a really great membership service. When Katie was describing the membership, I was looking forward to going home and signing up! Every event that is hosted, you get 40% off! You also get the inside scoop and first dibs on tickets to the events. Trust me, the next event sounds like a blast and I know I want to be a part of it! Here’s a few events for example: “snowtubing, board games, battle of the bands and spa nights”. The membership is only $20 which is basically paying itself off when you look at those awesome events! A Little More Good also offers companies a way to get involved through a membership.

I could go on and on and on about this incredible company. However, I recommend you take a peak at the website.

Make sure you follow A Little More Good on Twitter and Facebook. Also, don’t forget to read Katie’s blog and follow her on Twitter!

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2 thoughts on “A Little More Good

  1. Katie Jeanes says:

    Oh my gosh Sean. Thank you so much! Can’t wait to see you at our January event!

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