The Positive Ticket Program

Police officers have a very difficult and complex job. They are enforcers of the law and there to help society. Unfortunately, police officers do not have the best reputation in the media. This story was brought to my attention by a daily follower and after doing some digging, I discovered this program has been happening since 2001 and has received little publicity!

Richmond RCMP has found a unique way to recognize good deeds committed by youth. The Positive Ticket Program was created by Ward Clapham, a 28-year retired police officer. To promote positive relationships between police officers and youth in the community, the Positive Ticket Program was implemented to reward youth for “their diligence in wearing a bike helmet, not smoking, playing without causing a disturbance, volunteering, and so on.”

Did you know this program was happening? I know I sure didn’t and I’ve been studying criminology for the past five years. So what can youth do with these tickets? Well, Positive Tickets can be redeemed for “one complimentary admission to the Hugh Boyd Pitch & Putt, to a public skate session at Minoru or Richmond ice arena, and to a public swim at Minoru, Watermania or an outdoor pool…”

The Positive Ticket Program has now expanded into different police departments such as the Ontario Provincial Police. Watch the video below to see the different ways in which Ward Clapham has changed policing and youth. What a great way to get in touch with youth in the community and promote positive behaviours!


Follow War Clapham on Twitter today! Learn more about the Positive Tickets Program here.

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