Making a Morning Commute a Little More Enjoyable

It’s tough to find people who enjoy a morning commute to work or school. For myself, I don’t enjoy making an hour long drive to school in the mornings. Most people during the morning commutes are tired, stressed, and just not overly happy.

However, in Nigeria, there is one traffic Corporal who can bring a smile to most peoples faces. Corporal Sebul Audu has found a unique way to bring a smile to the faces of motorists. In Nigeria, police officers do not have a good reputation. Sadly, Nigerian police aren’t the only ones who are loved by all.

Inspired by the Michael Jackson video for Thriller, Corporal Sebul Audu has been dancing ever since. Now using the movement of traffic as his inspiration, Corporal Audu breakdances for passing motorists to fight the tainted reputation of the police. More importantly, Audu is having fun and motorists are too. This is just one example of how a person can bring a smile and joy to hundreds of motorists each day.


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