Dr. Riley Senft Raises Funds and Awareness for Prostate Cancer

To continue the theme of ‘Movember’ and prostate cancer awareness, a story regarding a local Vancouverite was featured by the Vancouver Canucks. Dr. Riley Senft embarked on an incredible journey across Canada (from Cape Spear, Newfoundland to Vancouver, British Columbia) to raise proceeds for prostate cancer research.

What’s even more impressive about this man’s journey is about who he is. Growing up with a permanent hearing loss in one ear and ADD is no easy feat. However, Dr. Riley Senft was able to overcome that and spend four years at Yale University. You can read more about Riley’s background more here.

For 10 hours, 71 km, a day, Dr. Senft was able to complete this long journey. It took five months of daily running and a total of 6,621 km before Dr. Senft reached the finish line. What did Dr. Senft accomplish? Dr. Senft was able to raise $500,000 and awareness for prostate cancer. The run was dedicated to his grandfather and uncle who had past away from prostate cancer. Recently, Dr. Senft’s father was diagnosed with prostate cancer for the second time, as well.

The run ended with a storybook ending. Senft was able to take his girlfriend, whom he met in med school, out on a picnic where he proposed to her. Her response was just what Dr. Riley Senft had hoped for.

Follow Dr. Riley Senft’s blog to learn more!

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