Photographs for Native Mongolians

Vanessa Hollander and Wilson Philippe are two teenage friends who took a trip to Mongolia. Mongolia borders both Russia and China. Majority of the Mongolian population is nomadic.Hollander and Philippe were interested in taking a 10-day journey to visit the people of Mongolia.

What Hollander and Philippe discovered is that many native Mongolians love having their picture taken. What is sad is that many of them never have had a photo to keep of themselves. People would come, take photographs, and then leave. Can you imagine not having a family photo or even a photograph of yourself? Hollander and Philippe decided to take a bunch of polaroids and give them to the people!

One family was in the midst of their duties and Hollander and Philippe were nervous to ask for their photo. The family left and didn’t return for ten minutes. Afraid that they had offended the family, the family returned fully dressed in “traditional celebratory clothing”!

Each person they photograph took an extreme amount of pride in their picture. They were scared that Hollander and Philippe would ask for it back! The happiness that the native Mongolian families and individuals got from their photograph is a really fun story!

View more photos taken from their trip on their website.

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