Looking for a Good Christmas Idea?

Winner of two Webby Awards (the highest internet honour) and a book deal, Neil Pasricha has produced one of my favourite books. Perhaps while you were strolling through Barnes and Nobles or Chapters, you have encountered this book and flipped through it. If you have flipped through the book, I’m sure you smiled and nodded as you encountered each page.

The book I’m talking about is The Book of Awesome. It all started when Neil Pasricha had been told by his wife that she no longer loved him and his best friend took his own life. No doubt, this caused a very dark time in Neil’s life. In order to overcome this dark time, he started up a website called “1000 Awesome Things” which is going strong to this day.

The purpose of this website was to post the little things that are “awesome” but do not receive recognition. For example, “the thank-you wave when you let somebody merge in front of you” or “catching somebody singing in their car and sharing a laugh with them”. It was this idea that led Neil Pasricha to receiving a Webby Award. After receiving a Webby Award, Neil returned home to find his email had ten literary agents wanting to put his ideas into a book.

Now, 1000 Awesome Things is more than just a website! There is the Book of Awesome, the Book of (Even More) Awesome, and the Book of (Holiday) Awesome. Don’t worry though, there is also a web application available in the itunes store!

To hear Neil Pasricha’s “awesome” story, watch this video!

Give the Book of Awesome to someone this holiday season! Trust me, you will make them smile.

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