12-Year-Old Break and Enter Detective

Jessica Maple, 12, has solved a break and enter and theft of her great-grandmother’s things!

In Fitzgerald, Georgia, Jessica’s great-grandmother’s home was broken into. However, Jessica’s great-grandmother passed away in 2004 and the house has been unoccupied ever since. Family members check up on the house periodically but it remains empty.

Neighbours reported to the police one afternoon that the door on the house was left ajar. Jessica, had enrolled in a six-week Junior District Attorney program in the summer and was eager to inspect the family home. Jessica and her mother drove down to Georgia, from Atlanta.

Once on the scene, Jessica began questioning Detective Sergeant James Tilley. She began asking questions like: “do we have any latent fingerprints?” and “the point of entry?” Detective Sergeant James Tilley was absolutely shocked at being questioned by the 12-year-old and wondered how she knew this information. The police assumed the criminal had a key to the house.

However, Jessica was able to prove the police wrong by finding a broken window in the garage with fingerprints on the door. Inside the house, it was missing furniture and appliances belonging to Jessica’s great grandmother. It was clear that the place had been victim to a crime.

Jessica and her mother went to visit a local pawnshop where they found the stolen property. Upon finding her grandmother’s property, Jessica stated: “they weren’t thinking, they put everything in the same shop!”

Photographs were pulled from the stores security cameras and given to young Jessica. Jessica and her mother went to the place of one of the criminals and confronted him. At first he denied it but eventually confessed.

Watch out Nancy Drew!


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