Five Years to Repay a Bet

It took Sebastian Steinzen five years to repay a golf bet made in 2005. While vacationing on the island of Majorca in Spain, Steinzen met a British man by the name of Pat. On vacation, the two made a bet while playing golf for a pint of beer. The bet was who can get the ball closest to the flag. Unfortunately for Sebastian, Pat was gone before he could get a chance to pay.

While moving, Steinzen had lost the information of Pat. The 34-year-old German has been carrying this debt around which has weighed heavily upon him. Steinzen went to Black Horse Pub in England, where Pat told him that he was a regular. Unfortunately for Sebastian, the journey was unsuccessful. In a last stitch effort, Sebastian wrote a letter to the Daily Telegraph who published the article.

Pat had read the telegraph and was delighted. The two will meet in Autumn as Sebastian will return to the UK to repay the debt. As Sebastian said, “I’m a man who likes to pay his debts. I believe that if you have a bet and you lose, you have to pay it. Especially when it is owed to such a lovely guy as Patrick.”

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