Thinking Pink

October, for me, is the best time to tune into the NFL as players and teams are decked out in pink equipment. As many know, October is breast cancer awareness month and the NFL and its players do a good job in supporting a good cause.

For Larry Fitzgerald, WR, of the Arizona Cardinals, this cause means a lot to him. Larry Fitzgerald’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and was being treated in 2003. Sadly, Carol Fitzgerald past away due to a brain hemorrhage while being treated.

It was announced on twitter in the beginning of October that Larry Fitzgerald was going to donate $1,000 for every catch and $10,000 for every touchdown he made, towards breast cancer research. He didn’t stop there though, Fitzgerald announced that for every new person to follow him on twitter, he would donate $0.10. Larry Fitzgerald had gained an enormous amount of support from new and old fans.

With eleven days left in October, Fitzgerald announced via twitter that he would raise the value from $0.10 to $0.25! As October closed, Larry Fitzgerald had caught 19 passes for $19,000 and raised $15,000 from new twitter followers. Larry also participated in a celebrity waiter event which saw the proceeds go towards breast cancer research as well.

It doesn’t stop there, Larry Fitzgerald will be donating $1,000 to 16 nominate charities by the fans, in November. Enter here to nominate a charity! It’s hard not to love athletes who care about the well-being of others!

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One thought on “Thinking Pink

  1. susan jaggard says:

    Larry Fitzgerald,is a very caing & loving person just like his late mother,Carol Fizgerald,he has acheived so much in his career,even when he’s not playing duing the offseason!Jr.has a generous,compassionate sensitive heart & soul,I see where he gets it from too!May God continue to bless Jr.with the ability to do what he does for others on and off the field,& may God also continue to work with the rest of the Fitzgerlad family,to continue to stay a strong for one another.Jr has shown how important it is to give your time and efforts to try to go out and make a child have a great & happy day filled with smiles & cheer,knowing that child is already going different changes in their treatments,including their medications they’re taking on a daily basics,it feels good to see that someone cares enough just to come suprise them,and bings up their spirits up.It’s not easy to take time out of your busy schedule,and take 5 lilttle minutes and just show someone or a child that they aren’t forgotten & that they are loved and important.When you look on the smiles on this kid’s faces,knowing that their #1 hero Larry Fitgerald had came by just to drop by just to say “hi,how are you doing today?”or just to bring special presents for them,such a jersey with his autograph on his jersey,that makes a child’s day more brighter and happier.Keep your head up Larry,you’re doing great on and off the field.Love who you are and others will love you too,as you show us how to love and care for others,love you Larry,you are a blessing from God above!Your parents raised you and Marcus to be the loving & caring sons the two of you turned out to be today for a better tomarrow for all of us to look up to!The kids lives you’ve touched in so many ways,God bless you always!Keep believing yourself,and so will others believe in you too!No one can define who you are,but and only you!

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