Sportsmanship at its Finest

High school football in the United States is kind of a big deal. Myrtle Beach High Seahawks played Hilton Head High Seahawks in a playoff game. Myrtle Beach High beat Hilton Head High 64 to 16. With such a large deficit, it’s easy to assume that the Hilton Head High students hung their heads in shame.

Instead, the final play of the game is enough to make everyone on the field and in the crowd happy. Chip Mullen, a senior for Hilton Head, has down syndrome and was playing in his last game as a Seahawk. The coach of Myrtle Beach, Mickey Wilson, decided that Chip should score a touchdown. Mickey Wilson told Hilton Head’s coach to give Chip Mullen a handoff for the last play of the game.

For this story, you’ll just have to watch the ESPN coverage that this young man’s play received.

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One thought on “Sportsmanship at its Finest

  1. Sven says:

    thanks for share. thumbs up! sven

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